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Manage Your Most Important Relationships

We offer a variety of family counseling services

Your personal relationships are intimate and special. If you and your loved ones are having issues, reach out to Jermaine Hill LCSW Family Services PC. We understand how family and marriage problems can affect many areas of your life. A counselor will help your family talk through your issues and reach a favorable resolution.

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We'll help you work through all kinds of family issues

Our counselors have experience in many areas of relationship counseling. Visit us for:

  • Parenting classes. We'll provide you with tips and resources to help you raise your child developed from the Parenting Journey curricula. The Parenting Journey model digs deeply into people's personal stories. The group facilitator is both counselor and educator, and he or she establishes a safe atmosphere with supportive limits in which parents can express themselves and integrate their emotional experiences with their cognitive understanding. Sharing strategic personal experiences, the group facilitator uses him or herself as a role model for handling emotions and relationships, increasing the sense of commonality that is so important to many parents who may feel isolated. It is this approach that engages all parents without judgment and invites them to explore their own styles and values..
  • Anger management classes. We'll teach you effective strategies to manage and control your anger.
  • Couples counseling. We'll help you and your significant other remember why you got together in the first place. We teach couples how to resolve unyielding communication issues.
  • General family counseling. We'll help your loved ones get along and develop healthy communication habits.
  • Marriage counseling. We'll help you and your spouse reconnect if you feel like you're growing apart.
  • Divorce mediation. We'll help you and your spouse part ways amicably and set up an equitable parenting plan.

We can also help you with your ACS case. Contact us today to find out how you can resolve your family issues.