Turn Harmful Behaviors Into Productive Actions

Get behavioral analysis counseling

Applied behavioral analysis is a type of therapy that seeks to understand how behavior works and how we can use that understanding to change harmful behaviors. It's beneficial for adults and children alike, especially individuals with autism. Jermaine Hill LCSW Family Services PC offers applied behavioral analysis counseling for clients in Brooklyn & Staten Island, NY. Your counselor will help you identify negative behaviors and challenge them.

Our practice applies behavioral analysis to parenting classes, anger management classes and individual counseling sessions. Call 347-881-3407 now to find out about our group parenting classes.

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What you can expect from an applied behavioral analysis counseling session

Applied behavioral analysis can help you change long-standing behaviors that are hindering you from leading a productive life. During your counseling sessions, you will...

  • Identify harmful behaviors, their causes and their consequences
  • Set realistic goals for behavior change and establish a measurement tool
  • Learn new skills that allow you to work toward long-lasting behavior changes

Once the behaviors you seek to challenge have been changed, you and your counselor will determine if you still need further behavioral modifications. Take the first steps toward a better life. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.