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Duluth Batterers Accountability
DUI/ DWI Screenings and Assessments
Substance Abuse Services
Bio Psychosocial Assessments
Parenting Classes
Anger Management Classes
Divorce Mediation
Home Studies
Trauma Informed Therapy
Couples Counseling
Behavior Management
Life Coaching
Occupational Services
Practice Management and Consultant Services
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Bilingual Services: All offered in Spanish and Arabic

Substance Abuse Recovery
Anger Management
Marriage and Family Counseling
Individual Counseling
In Person or Web Based
Anger Management for Teens and Adolescents
Domestic Violence

Find a Way Out of a Distressing Situation

Trust our counselors to help you work through issues

You can't solve every problem on your own. It's okay to admit you need professional help-in fact, it's a healthy sign. Contact Jermaine Hill LCSW Family Services PC when you need counseling services. We can help you deal with a variety of problems, from combating addiction to recovering from abuse.

Our counselors are here for you. No matter how many sessions it takes, rest assured that we'll help you experience the freedom you've been searching for. Call 347-881-3407 now to schedule a counseling session.

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

Get the help you need to experience life to the fullest.

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DUI & DWI Assessments

Complete an assessment to get one step closer to driving again.

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Domestic Violence Counseling & Batterer's Accountability Program

Regain a sense of security by attending routine counseling sessions.

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Marriage & Family Counseling

Restore peace in your household by discussing your problems.

5 reasons why you can trust our counselors

Our counselors are dedicated to helping you flourish in every area of life. Here are five reasons to schedule a counseling session at Jermaine Hill LCSW Family Services PC right away:

We Also Specialize In Behavioral Management For Children and Adolescents

Let our experts help guide your family to a better tomorrow

Jermaine Hill LCSW Family Services PC can help your child with their behavioral issues at school and home. We work with children on their self esteem and can help them learn how to combat bullying and survive trauma. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

1. We employ Masters Level Clinicians.

2. We have experienced counselors that provide a personal touch to our clients.

3. Your mental health is our top concern.

4. We'll provide you with a safe space to vent.

5. We won't treat you differently because of your situation.